Farside Creative 6.0

Metro Exodus : Winter


Metro Exodus : Winter


Deep Silver


Ichi London : Freelance

My Role

Design / Artwork / Compositing / Retouching


After a successful showing at E3, Metro Exodus moves swiftly into the next phase of development. This piece expands on the concept established in the E3 key art, growing in scale and scope as the development of the game continues. I was again tasked with creating the final high resolution image and as the scope of the art increased so did the complexity of the task at hand. The amount of retouching and compositing increased exponentially as the artwork needed to inhabit the same world as the E3 key art art but with the bar significantly raised. As before, I combined 3D assets with real world photography before adding detailed layers of snow and ice effects to create the final scene.

Huge shout goes out to Gamoola for the assist. They put in a serious shift creating the 3D elements that were crucial to taking this project to the next level, nice one guys!

Character Photography : Simon Derviller