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Metro Exodus : Spring Key Art


Metro Exodus : Spring


Deep Silver / 4A Games


Ichi Worldwide : Freelance

My Role

Design / Artwork / Compositing / Retouching


Metro Exodus returns to E3 with new content and a new key art to back it all up. This piece continues the concept established in the winter key art, this time showing Artyom in a more expansive setting hinting at the promise of the game to come. I was again tasked with creating the final high resolution image with the snow effects of winter giving way to the semi melted look and feel of spring. Heavily retouched 3D models were combined with stock photography and my own photography to give the scene the correct look and feel.

Getting the melted snow and leaves in the foreground to look right was one of many challenges. Luckily mother nature was on hand for an assist and a few days before the deadline a snow shower and then thaw in my corner of North West London provided the perfect resource. Got some strange looks as I was out and about with my camera but I knew what I was after!

Character Photography : Simon Derviller
3D Asset Creation : Kettlestudio, Gamoola