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Metro Exodus : Game Informer Cover


Game Informer Cover Art : March 2018 Issue


Deep Silver


Ichi Worldwide : Freelance

My Role

Design / Artwork / Compositing / Retouching


Metro Exodus was Game Informer’s March 2018 cover story. The issue features a 14 page write-up showcasing a wealth of exclusive information about the game and this key art was created for the front (and back) cover. The key art gets up close to the hero Artyom allowing the intricate detail of his armour and clothing to be seen, before stretching back into the distance to show the harsh outside world in which the game takes place.

The level of detail is crucial to all these key arts. From weathering the leather on Artyom’s armour to the length and frequency of the icicles hanging off the buildings everything is carefully considered to ensure the look is just right. As with the previous key arts I combined 3D assets with real world photography and game engine elements before adding detailed layers of snow and ice effects to create the final scene.

Character Photography : Simon Derviller